#7 – Sunshine, Dolphins, Titans, Friends, and Fans

Sports fans have to be some of the most crazed optimistic people in the world. We deal with the highest of highs and lowest of lows on a consistent basis. When you win life is great, awesome, good stuff, high five, and when you lose WELL there is always next week, or next season, fire the coach, put this jersey on ebay, this should move us up in the draft to get some better talent…OK see you next week. The reason for all this insanity is simple, camaraderie and competition. Two of the best reasons to hang out with good friends and total strangers, eating the best of food and drinking the coldest of beverages preparing for the event. Win or lose life is good With the NFL playoffs in full swing and our team is not in them, everything is going to be  just fine. Friends are coming over today to watch a few games, the wife has the kitchen smelling great, and I am going through all the fun pictures Mike and I took while watching the Titans beat the fire out of the Miami Dolphins in beautiful sunny south Florida. And you know what, we are going to get them next year. All we need is a few good draft picks.

Today was a good day:  Titans 37 – Dolphins 3. It’s great to be the winning team when you are visiting.

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0 thoughts on “#7 – Sunshine, Dolphins, Titans, Friends, and Fans

  1. THIS IS COOL!!!!! Next best thing to being there 🙂

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