#8 – Not football…seriously!

I promise this blog is about traveling and not about football, but you know timing is everything. It just so happened that driving through Louisiana on our way to South Texas a few weeks back, we were able to stop and check out a bunch of cool Super Bowl XLVII (47) stuff. And even though the Houston Texans are out of the running, everyone here is already siding with either the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers. Not to mention ready for those (all the sudden) hard to find wings yet still 1.23 billion will be consumed.

As a bonus football motivator we spent a day in Houston last week and was able to see the  massive Reliant Stadium (home of the Texans) and even more meaningful to us was the old “Houston Astrodome” which was the birthplace of our beloved Tennessee Titans, which was exciting.We had always enjoyed the Houston Oilers, and where our star quarterback Steve McNair got his start. Even before you had the powerhouse team consisting of Warren Moon, Haywood Jefferies, Drew Hill, Earnest Givings.   Does Dan Pastorini ring a bell? Think we still have football on the brain

So anyway, on the drive back to Galveston we were  saying how fun the day was and then started reliving our awesome trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio we took back in July and thought…traveling, football, Super Bowl, wings we have to share some of the great football pictures we have we have celebrating some of the rich history of the greatest sport there is.

It’s either this or would you rather us show a bunch of beach pictures and tell you how it was 90 degrees Monday here in Corpus Christi and 68 today. My big brother might smack me since he just informed me they would have a low tonight of 15 degrees. I chose to wait another week for that. I don’t want any bruises showing for Sundays big game.

So Sunday fire up the grill, get a beverage of choice and enjoy the game

Our picks: Pam is for San Francisco, Chris says Baltimore will take them down. What do you say?

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#7 – Sunshine, Dolphins, Titans, Friends, and Fans

Sports fans have to be some of the most crazed optimistic people in the world. We deal with the highest of highs and lowest of lows on a consistent basis. When you win life is great, awesome, good stuff, high five, and when you lose WELL there is always next week, or next season, fire the coach, put this jersey on ebay, this should move us up in the draft to get some better talent…OK see you next week. The reason for all this insanity is simple, camaraderie and competition. Two of the best reasons to hang out with good friends and total strangers, eating the best of food and drinking the coldest of beverages preparing for the event. Win or lose life is good With the NFL playoffs in full swing and our team is not in them, everything is going to be  just fine. Friends are coming over today to watch a few games, the wife has the kitchen smelling great, and I am going through all the fun pictures Mike and I took while watching the Titans beat the fire out of the Miami Dolphins in beautiful sunny south Florida. And you know what, we are going to get them next year. All we need is a few good draft picks.

Today was a good day:  Titans 37 – Dolphins 3. It’s great to be the winning team when you are visiting.

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#6 – There is a difference when it comes to alligators

If you ask me what my favorite part of traveling in south Florida was, I would say “well all of it”. But I would really  have to say it was “exploring everything on, or off the Tamiami Trail”. From Tampa to Miami there is a lot to see, and from Siesta Key through Fort Meyers down to Everglades City.  US Hwy 41 TAT is the way to go ending up on 8th street in Miami.

How else would you get to the smallest post office in the United States. Located in Ochopee,Fl. 34141. It may only be a whopping 7′  X 8′ structure, but you have to have a place to mail post cards and bills… right? Also, when you are here you know you are close to seeing the alligators. You need to know what they call Alligator Alley / I-75 is still just the interstate, drive fast get there quick, bypass everything…There is a difference in the road you choose and the milemarkers you use creating your mile marker memories.

Remember when visiting the gators – Es ilegal alimeter o molester lav vida silvestre. Because an alligator does not know the difference between a hand, and a hand out.


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#5 – Where the heck is Mangrove Momma’s

Well be sure to fuel up and make a last minute department / grocery stop before departing the mainland…last stop, Florida City…It’s not that supplies are hard to get, but as you can guess “the price goes up just a wee bit” the further down the chain of Keys you go. Also with the area being divided up into sections, you will find gaps in the geography– in the event you need certain goods for the journey.

By road, there are 2 ways  into the Keys: The Overseas Hwy AKA US1  or Card Sound Rd. If you do chose Card Sound Road “I would be swearing you might be going to Alabama Jacks”.

Let’s head down the Keys about 120 miles and take a look at some of the interesting things we saw –and let’s see where the heck “Mangrove Mamma’s” is. Could she be the neighbor of Fat Albert? Enjoy these milemarkermemories.

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#4 – Wanna do lunch with a manatee

Now how fun could a little lunch on the water turn out to be. We stopped by to have a world famous “Hogfish Sandwich”  at a place on Stock Island that a good friend recommended. While sitting at the Hogfish Grill we spotted this manatee swimming in the water. Well this dude swims up and starts drinking from the water hose without a care in the world. Next thing you know we have a crowd around the table and a cat that is trippin’ out to say the least. Turns out to be quiet an entertaining lunch. I don’t think I have ever seen so many iphones whipped out during lunch. And Yes the food was awesome.

Manatee drinks from the hose

Manatee drinking from the hose

Manatee watching cat

Safe Harbor boats Stock Island

A Hogfish lunchHogfish Grill Stock Island_mmm

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#3 – Another Day in Key West Florida

For those of you that have been to Key West these pictures are nothing new, however be warned they could possibly bring back memories of  good times, and inspiration only the sun, sand, and a good watering hole can provide. Not to mention the fresh seafood…and we are not talking frozen in a bag from China either. Look the law states “you can only eat fresh catch while in the Keys OR you will be fed to the chickens and roosters”. You can trust me on this, I am NOT a lawyer.

For those of you who have not been WELL, it’s time to plan a trip for some R&R even though most people have to rest when they return. The Conch Repulic is awaiting your arrival. DO keep in mind Key West is only a small part of the Florida Keys there are about 120mm in the Keys, and thats a lot of fun to be had.

Check these mmm’s out;


www.southernmostpointusa.com     (attractions tab)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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#2 – Everything starts at ZERO

Since the title of this blog has nothing to do with me (I do nothing in order), I thought zero would be a fun place to to start. Does anyone really care where this journey actually started and where it ends, because its what goes on  between the milemarkers that really count. The goal was to end up in Key West at mile marker ZERO, and enjoy getting there. Now I get to tell you the rest of our story.

Compass Chris -  Mile Marker 0 Key West

The beginning of “milemarkermemories”…mm#0

NOAA HQ Key West

With limited internet access we though we had better start with checking out the weather. We stopped by our good friend NOAA’s house to see what the outlook was. Some folks call him Noah…just depends on where you are from. http://www.noaa.gov


Since Noah gave us the all is clear. We are ready to roll. Welcome to Key West.

Since Noah gave us the all is clear. We are ready to roll. Welcome to Key West.

We hear about this place and everyone likes to visit, but there has to be more to the story, Right Alex!Well Chris and Pam here is how the story goes. "Was the dark of the moon on the 6th of June in a Kenworth pullin' logs". Oops wrong story, here just read this

We hear about this place and everyone likes to visit, but there has to be more to the story, Right Alex!
Well Chris and Pam here is how the story goes. “Was the dark of the moon on the 6th of June in a Kenworth pullin’ logs”. Oops wrong story, here just read this

Southernmost History Marker_DS1551


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#1 – A good journey needs some planning

Have you ever just wanted to hit the road and travel to all the fun places you have always wanted to go? Well that is what this blog is all about. We are going to do just that AND we want you to come with us……First things first, we have to lose the traditional office environment that we are accustomed to. As the Don would say “Your Fired!” But wait you will still need a place to plot and plan your escape, right? Well let’s change up how we plan our time just a little bit. Perhaps let’s call it our “Outdoor Strategy Facility”. OK too formal but sounds cool. Or lets just call it a “screen room”. Either way will move the cheese, and create some milemarkermemories.

Chris in the boardroom planning some shenanigans while in Key West.

Chris in the boardroom planning some shenanigans while in Key West.

Pam is reviewing the budget, couponing and looking for deals to make sure we have some money for Chris shenanigans.

Pam is reviewing the budget, couponing and looking for deals to make sure we have enough money for our shenanigans.

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