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# 13 Dumb luck and Lubbock, TX

Since having our heads buried in the Hill Country for a few days. We figured like normal we would just circumnavigate our way to our next location, which was to be Amarillo and figure our accommodations out when we got there. After driving the first 150 miles and seeing only 6 cars we felt like we were in the middle of no where. Then all the sudden in Sweetwater we started seeing wind mills, wind mills and crazy amounts of windmills for miles and miles. We are talking a thousand plus and that’s just what we past.

We finally decided after 320 miles behind us and it being Saturday let’s  just go ahead and visit Lubbock for a couple of days and see what up. GOOD CALL, Amarillo got 18″ of snow and Interstate 40 shut down. We got 4″ in Lubbock and the highway to Clovis, NM we planned to take was closed too. The word they like to use for snow here is blizzard. Defined as a lot of damn wind, blowing snow, dirt and anything unattached around and in your way while driving… More on this wind thing later.

Well come to find out Lubbock has provided us with a lot of talented people we all have had the pleasure of enjoying for many years. Maybe you have heard of some of them…Buddy Holly,Mac Davis, Tanya Tucker, The Gatlin Brothers, Oh and some dudes name Waylon Jennings, and James Dean and many more. Lubbock is the home of the Cactus Theater, and Cactus Cuties.

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