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# 17 Sedona Arizona

I must say us humans are crazy. No matter how many times we go to the ocean we take a bunch of pictures like we have never seen water before and we may never see it again.

Well the same holds true for rocks (big ole rocks). It ┬áhas always been a joke that I I take so many pictures that I would even take a picture of a rock . Being out west there are a lot of rocks to take pictures of, and yes I have tried to take a picture of them all. Not a big deal since I can easily smuggle my pictures back across state lines on a small digital card..Now my wife on the other hand, let’s hope she does not get pulled over, or get ask to take the car through the weight station. Pictures alone don’t cut it for her nooooooo! She has to have rocks from every exact location bagged and tagged. So next time you come visit and you see a mountain in my back yard, you will know know how it got there. We were afraid Arizona might run out of rocks.

Enjoy these spectacular pictures. It amazes me how some look more like paintings than real pictures.


DSCN5540 DSCN5371 DSCN5349 DSCN5553 DSCN5567 DSCN5546 DSCN5544 DSCN5574 DSCN5550 DSCN5562 DSCN5567 DSCN5354

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